Book a Limo for these Special Occasions

Book a Limo for these Special Occasions

If you need to make a dramatic entrance or a major first impression,  consider renting a limo for your special occasion. These eye-catching cars tend to ensure that you’re noticed, allowing you to steal the scene in a big way. Whether you’re showing up at the big dance or making sure that all eyes are on you for a corporate event, we can help you arrive in style. Consider hiring one of our specialty vehicles for the following occasions:

Business and Corporate Meetings

Are you signing a deal at a big corporate merger or speaking at a major fundraiser? If there’s a chance that your arrival at the event could be captured in the media, you’ll want to make sure that you’re arriving in a vehicle that’s appropriate for this type of coverage. We can help you make sure that that happens, setting you up with a high-class transport that’s just right for the occasion.


Your wedding is a day that you’ll remember forever. It will be documented in photographs and memory albums, and some of these photos will include you and your spouse driving away as a “Just Married” couple. If you’d like a special vehicle for this event, we can assist you. Let us know what type of limo you’d prefer and we will be happy to reserve it for you for your wedding day.

Prom or Homecoming

If your teen and their friends would like to rent a limousine for their special event, we can assist them, as well. We have a wide variety of limos available that are perfect for either groups or couples. They can attend prom or homecoming in the vehicle of their choice, and you can relax knowing that they’ll be safely driven to and from the events they attend throughout the evening.

Bachelor Parties

When you want to have a night on the town for a Bachelor/Bachelorette party, spending the evening in style, a limo is truly the way to go. This allows you and your friends to enjoy the fun and excitement of an evening out at your favorite bars, clubs, and restaurants, without worrying about getting around safely and stylishly. Instead, you can relax and have a good time, knowing that our careful driver will handle the entire evening for you.

When you want to enjoy a high-class event in style, get to and from a special occasion without driving yourself, or spend an evening on the town without worrying about a designated driver, a limousine for hire is an excellent option. At Rising Star Limo we offer numerous types of cars, so you can pick the style that’s right for you and the number of friends you’ll be spending the evening with. Relax in comfort and style, knowing we’ll transport you throughout your entire evening’s activities.