3 Common Myths About Limo Services

3 Common Myths About Limo Services

At CT Rising Star Limo in New Haven County and Wallingford, we believe everyone should experience a luxurious ride in a stretch limousine at least once in their lives. Unfortunately, there are several myths and misconceptions about limousine rental services that are frequently spread, and this often leads people to believe limo services aren’t for them. We believe there’s a time and place for everyone to ride a limo, so let’s break the three common myths about limo services.

Myth #1: Limos are Only for VIPs

The limousine is an iconic image for the rich and the wealthy; it’s what you see movie stars, CEOs, and the president riding in. This image leads people to a false premise that limos always have someone special in them.

While limos are portrayed as the go-to choice for wealthy VIPs, the media and movies forget to showcase the everyday people that use and enjoy limousine services, including young adults’ children! Sometimes, the average joe and busy businessman just needs a classy and luxurious night out or ride to work, and you’d better bet we’re willing to provide it at CT Rising Star Limo!

Myth #2: Limo Services are Unaffordable

Limousines are the very picture of luxury—stretch cars driven by professional chauffeurs that have beautifully decorated interiors with various amenities. Of course, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that they’re probably pricey.

But, when you break pricing down, limo services are much more affordable than you think. Most limo service companies, CT Rising Star Limo included, have a variety of fleet options and different rates and pricing. We are competitively priced so that you’re getting your money’s worth, based on your destination and requested time.

Furthermore, riding in a limo is quite often a group activity. If you split the cost between the group, you often get away with a limo ride for little more than what you’d pay to go to dinner and a movie. We price our limo rides based on the details of your specific trip; if you’re curious about rates, contact us for a free quote!

Myth #3: Limo Services are Only for Special Occasions

Another misconception that’s largely spread is that limo services in Connecticut are only for special occasions. Everyday working people don’t see limousines on a day-to-day basis, and for some people, their only exposure to a limo is when they’re in the midst of a special occasion. A birthday, prom, wedding, or big event, it’s not uncommon to see limousines dropping people off in that context. But the truth is, limousines are always available for rental, no matter the occasion!

  • Want a limo just to see what it’s like to ride around in one? We got it!
  • Want a limo to take you home from work just because? We got it!
  • Want a limo to take you to dinner? We got it!

We’re not saying it’s common for people to call limos for these reasons, but we want to make the point that the occasion doesn’t have to be special or significant. At CT Rising Star Limo, we’re always ready to drive you around in a limo.

Limousine Rentals for Anyone in Connecticut

At CT Rising Star Limo, we believe that a night in a limousine can be a special and treasured memory for anyone and everyone, no matter the situation or circumstance. We take pride in providing you with luxury travel! If you’re looking to break through the monotony of everyday life, contact us today for a free quote!